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contestants of Big Boss 5 : List of 14 Bigboss 5 contestants

After the tremendous success of the previous seasons of Big Boss, again Big Boss come with a bang. This time Sanjay dutt and salman khan both are hosting the bigboss 5.
There are 14 contestants in Big Boss 5:

1. Laxmi Narayan(Hijra)

2. Pooja Bedi

3. Juhi Parmar ( Kumkum)

4. Gulabo sapera

5. Mahek Chahal

6. Shonali Nagrani

7.  Shraddha Sharma

8. Sonika kaliraman

9. Pooja misra

10. Vida Samadzai

11. Raajeshwari Loomba

12. Mandeep Bewli

13. Shakti Kapoor

14. Nihita Biswas

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi (Hijra) in Big Boss 5 : 13th contestant in Bigboss 5

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is the thirteenth contestant of the very renowned show i.e BigBoss 5. Bigboss 5 is being hosted by the two hunks of Bollywood Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a transgender ( Hijra).

After the success of the previous trangenders like Bobby darling, Rohit verma and in the Bigboss 4 Begum Nawazish Ali from Pakistan, now Laxmi Narayan Tripathi taken part in the big Boss 5.
She is also a very strong contender.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi in TV shows

1.Sach ka samna
2. Raaz Pichla janam ka
3. Bigboss 5 ( currently)

Personal information of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi 

Nickname of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi  : Laxmi

Age of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi : 32 years old

Mobile number of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi : We are also searching ( updated soon)

Some more information will be updated soon about Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Lets see what will happen after the entry of Laxmi Narayan Tripathi  in the Big Boss 5 house.

Pooja Bedi biography : Pooja Bedi in Big boss 5

Life of Pooja Bedi : A Big Boss 5 contestant

Pooja Bedi is a very talented and a very good looking sexy actress in bollywood. She almost done over 100 bollywood movies. She is also a very good TV host.Pooja bedi is basically from Mumbai, she was born on 11th May'1971'.

Pooja bedi got a very good height of 5'7''inches which is an ideal height in girls. She also come in controversies many times due to her bold behavious or sometimes due to her sexy outfits and dress.
She also exposed in some bollywood movies but at last she is an sensational bollywood renowned actress.

Pooja Bedi came in eye of the people after the advertiesment of a Kamasutra condom. That advertiesment was government certified and developed for the purpose of creating awareness among the citizens of India about the HIV aids. Kabir Bedi is the father of Pooja bedi, he was also a very talented actor in his times.

Film life/ Career of Pooja bedi in Bollywood

Pooja Bedi has dome many bollywood pictures but some of the hits movies of Pooja bedi were

1. Shakthi
2. Jo jeeta wahi sikander
3. Vishkanya
4. Phir teri kahani yaad aayi

Vishkanya was the first movie of the Pooja Bedi in 1991.
 She is also a very famous TV host.

Key information about Pooja Bedi life

1. Date of birth of Pooja Bedi : 11th May 1971

2. Schooling of Pooja Bedi : Lawrence school in Sanawar

3. Father of Pooja Bedi : Kabir Bedi

4. Mobile number of Pooja Bedi : 98XXXXXXXX ( Cannot be revealed in public)

At present Pooja Bedi is in the Big Boss 5 and she is also a number 1 contender of the big boss 5.
She already taken part in many live showns and Big boss 5 will be the best experience for Pooja Bedi.

Juhi Parmar ( Kumkum) in Bigboss 5 : Juhi Parmar biography

Biography of Juhi Parmar or Kumkum

Juhi Parmar was born on 14 Dec '1980' in the small city of India Ujjain.She was renownned all over India by just because of his talented acting in TV serials and many live TV shows like Antakshari, comedy circus.
She also showed her talent in some of the Pakistani serials also ( Pehchan was the first pakistani serial of Juhi Parmar).

Juhi Parmar has taken part in Big Boss 5 this time and she wanted to win this big boss 5 like Shweta Tiwari( Winner of Bigboss 4).
She was also a TV star, Juhi will also try her level best to take the path of Shweta to win this competition.

To know more about the life of Juhi Parmar or Biography of Juhi Parmar just follow me I will help you to know more about the Juhi Parmar.

Juhi Parmar Chilhood memories

Nickname of Juhi Parmar : Juhi

Date of Birth of Juhi Parmar : 14/12/1980 (Ujjain)

Father of Juhi Parmar: Devendra Parmar

Mother of Juhi Parmar : Guddi Parmar

Schooling of Juhi Parmar : Jaipur ( Rajasthan)

Age of Juhi Parmar( on october 2011) :  31 years old

Juhi Parmar achievements in TV serials and Live Tv shows

1. Juhi Parmar won the Miss Rajasthan award in 1999.

2. Best actress award : Indian Telly Award in 2005.

3. Best TV show of Juhi Parmar : Kumkum, Devi, Shaheen and Pehchaan.

4. She was also an anchor with Annu Kapoor in Antakshari.

5. Field of interest of Juhi Parmar : Excellent anchor, singer, dancer and a very talented actress.

Juhi Parmar in Bigboss5

Juhi Parmar just entered in the bigboss 5 to show her real talent in front of all the Indians.
She is also a very strong contender in bigboss 5.

Facebook id of Juhi Parmar.......

Bigboss 5 contestants biography : Gulabo sapera biography / wiki


Gulabo sapera was not the real name of this lady which is the Big boss 5 presently. The real name of this lady is Dhanvantari or Gulabo. She is a very good dancer of Rajasthan, not only in Rajasthan she also given performance in many foreign countries like USA. She was the seventh child of their parent. There is also a mistry about the life of Gulabo sapera that according to the villagers of the Gulabo sapera village, if there will be any baby girl born before the birth of a baby boy then she will be killed by burring the baby inside the land.
The life of Gulabo sapera was saved by her mothers sister ( Mausi). Now she is a very talented Rajasthani dancer as well as a very strong participant in Bigboss 5

Real name of Gulabo sapera   : Dhanvantari

Speciality of Gulabo sapera : Very good folk dancer of Rajasthan

Date of Birth of Gulabo sapera : 23rd July 1960

Nickname of Gulabo sapera : Gulabo

Talent :  Musical work of Titi Robin

Nationality of Gulabo sapera : Indian

This was the small biography of Gulabo sapera. She is a strong lady as well as a very good contender of Big Boss 5

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Leaked question paper for SSR entry in 2011 ( October exam)

Leaked question paper for SSR exclusive

Download the leaked exam paper of SSR navy 2011 ( October exam), This paper is confidential so never leak it to other.

Now you can be easily selected in SSR navy.

Download the leaked SSR paper at free of cost

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Make your own website : How I make my 1st website

How to make a website
Making a website is not a hard work to do, but to follow the guidelines I have given in this blog.

1. You have to choose a domain or you have to do registration for a domain like yahoo domain.

2. Domain is the name of your site like

3. Now you have to register for a paid hosting site means where your website pages will be stored.

4. I am giving an example, go to Yahoo domain

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Books to get success in Indian airforce group X and group Y

There are lots of books for Airforce group X and group Y but according to me to get the best result everyone should read the books which are available in the blog.

All previous year question papers for Indian airforce group X and group Y are available in these books.

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Sample papers of SSR Navy 2011: Books to get success in : AA ( Artificer Apprentice) and SSR (Senior secondary Navy)

Sample papers of SSR Navy 2011: Books to get success in : AA ( Artificer Apprentice) and SSR (Senior secondary Navy)

Books to get success in : AA ( Artificer Apprentice) and SSR (Senior secondary Navy)

Getting success in SSR and AA is not a hard job to do but you have to be a hard worker.
I also applied for SSR navy last year and unfortunately I was not selected in the final merit list of SSR navy.

How to prepare for SSR and AA navy
To get success in SSR navy and AA you have to select the best book.

I read below AA and SSR books and I cleared the exam easily. In this SSR and AA book you will get many things like.

1. Previous year exam papers of SSR and AA Navy
2. All the tips to clear navy exam.

Read any book from above lists.

How to order SSR books online
1. Click on the image above which you want to buy.

2. Click next and just fill the forms.

3. Don't forget to click on Pay on delivery.

4. You will get your books in hand within 4 days.

5. No risk in this you will get your book in your hand and give payment later after receiving the book.

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Real money earning site with learning

How to earn with learning?
This is a very common answer how to earn with learning. There are lots of sites which claims that they really pay but they are just a fraud and a wastage of time. In this article I have written about a very interesting site in which you can earn with learning. This is the most genuine site and already paid me 3 times. The name of this golden opportunity site is In this site you can earn lots of creativity things like painting and you will also get the way to make your kid happy. In Studyvillage you will get these things at free of cost :

How can I learn in Studyvillage
a) Magic tricks
b) Coloring pages on almost all the themes like Holi, Christmas and Ganesh Chaturthi.
c) Articles based on kids interest.
d) Free classes of drawing ( How to make an apple)
e) Maths, English and all other languages worksheets and learn sheets in Studyvillage.
f) You will also get almost all the creative things for your kid.

Proof of the payment:

How can I earn money in Studyvillage

1. You can earn money in studyvillage by various methods like making coloring pictures, making worksheets and by writing articles.

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SSR Navy sample papers latest 2011

Here you will get the sample papers of SSR navy 2011. Now in today's life every body wants to join government jobs and Indian Navy is an excellent government job. In this blog you will get the sample papers of SSR ( Senior secondary recruitment ). Here I have only included the English paper ( 2010) of SSR navy 2012.

If you want all the section question papers then just leave a comment below. I will upload it as soon as possible. There are also some procedure how to join Navy 2011 , you can join Indian Navy SSR easily if you have done intermediate.

English paper of SSR Navy

Directions (1- 5) In each of the following questions, out of
given alternatives, choose the one  which best expresses the meaning of the given

1.  Keen
(1) Clever (2) Enthosiastie (3) Curious (4 Devoted

2. Composed
(1) Clear (2) Calm (3) Enjoyable (4) Dull

(1) Boast (2) Remember (3) Manipulate (4) Harmonise

4. Refute
(1) Face (2) Worship (3) Flatter (4) challenge

(1) Pageantries (2) Privileges Ct) Facilities (4) Courtesies

Directions (6-10) In each of the following questions, choose the
opposite in meaning to the given word.

(1) Submissiveness (2) Dependence (3) Subordination (4) Slavery

7. Advance
(1) Rush (2) recede (3) Approach (4) Forward

(1) Humorous (2) Comedy (3) Romance (4) Calamity

9. Lite up
(i) Ignite (2) Encourage (3) Ignore (4) Extinguish

10. Deep
(1) High (2) Hidden (3) shallow (4) Hollow

Directions (11- 15) In each of the following questions out of the four
alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

11. Life history of a person written by him/herself
(1) Biography (2) Autobiography (3) Bibliography (4) Memoir

12. Custom of having many wives
(1) Monogamy (2) Bigamy (3) Polygamy (4) Matrimony

13. A person who does not believe in any religion
(1) Philatelist (2) Rationalist (3) Atheist (4) Pagan

14. A man of lax moral
(1) Ruffian (2) Licentious (3) Pirate (4) Vagabond

15. A snsall enclosu for pigs
(1) Cellar (2) Sty (3) Pen (4) Lair

Directions (16-20) : In each of the following questions, a sentence is given
with a blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives
suggested for each question. Choose the correct ahernative.

16. Inspite of some_, Ashish is a good sportsman.
(1) felonies (2) mistakes (3) offences Ct) misdemeanour

17. Anita — me of a girl used to know.
 (1) remembers (2) recalls (3) recollects (4) reminds

18. The steam engine was  _ by James Watt.
(1) discovered (2) manufactured (3) created (4) invented

19.This book is a useful to our Library.
(1) arrival (2) discovery (3) asset (4) addition

20. The interior of the concert hall is _ to the eye.
(1) delicious (2) veritable (3) visual (4) hopeless


1. 3     2. 2    3. 2    4. 2    5. 2    6. 2
  7. 2   8. 2   9. 4   10. 3   11. 2    12. 3
  13. 4    14. 2   15. 3  16. 4   17.4    18. 4
 19. 4   20.2

To get exam papers of any government jobs  just leave a reply below. Navy SSR syllabus 2011 is also available on the official site. For any other queries just ask here.

To get your  admit card of Indian Navy (SSR and AA) 2011 batch SSR and AA 2011 batch online admit cards. You can also download your admit cards from the official site of Indian Navy.